Recovering mode! The longer I have been gluten free, the more sensitive I seem to be if exposed to even minuscule amounts. Last week a few kind friends stopped by. One night a friend brought me fries and a frosty! Yum! The next day it was a tasty salad with pecans and dried cranberries. These sound like they should be gf, but being from fast food places negates it all I guess! :o I got very sick, swollen tummy, swollen glands, felt like i had been hit by a freaking truck. So! Drinking Naked juices, can’t have coffee. Having to cut out dairy. Did further research and many of the gf pastas I consumed were made along side wheat products!!! Labels and checking them constantly are a must. Currently sticking to fresh foods and items I cook myself. So thankful I’m feeling better, glad it’s Friday! :)


because it’s Friday, and I love L !  ( I love strawberries, too)


Stomach has been doing fan fucking tastic.  No gluten. PERIOD.  The longer I have kept from it, the easier it gets.  Finally getting into a rhythm of foods I munch on, and cook.  

Milk doesn’t seem to bother my tummy anymore!  However, if I have it, I stick with whole milk, trying to consume things in a more natural state.  I usually only have a small amount in my coffee.  

Another strange but welcome side effect of this gluten free thing:  my hair has been crazy shiny and looks healthy, which it has not in years.  I always assumed this was because I enjoy doing crazy things to my hair and making it a bazillion different colors every other month or so.  

Although I still don’t have the money to do the Dr. thing, this gluten free thing is working and WELL!


because it’s Friday, and I love L. <3


because it’s Friday, and I love L.


Had another gluten incident a few days after my last post….and that time around the tummy problems were worse AND my scalp broke out.

So far, since then, I have stuck to my guns and stayed the fuck away from it…. no if’s, and’s or but’s.

It’s kindof scary when your body reacts that violently to something.

One thing that I really need to work on is going back to eating tiny portions.  I’ve gotten away from that and it does mess with my tummy.

I find these things that work, but no lie, some of them are very hard to stick to!!!

It’s finally Friday, yay!  Going out of town for the weekend… which means meals out. I will have to get myself all prepared and be very VERY careful.

Having lots of coffee this morning.  My sis told me about IDEE KAFE that is sold in one of our local grocery stores.  It’s from Germany and for ” sensitive stomachs”.  So far I freaking love this stuff.  Although the coffee I ordered was good, this stuff is FAR better.  I am able to use less of it to brew as well because this stuff is finely ground and the real smooth deal.



::::YAWWWNN:::: just. gotta. get. through. this. day.


so frustrated today.  exhausted, need coffee.  ran out of the low acid stuff and had some of the regular kind my hubby drinks.  my stomach hates it.  i just feel like screaming or maybe just saying fuck coffee and drinking a glass of wine mid-day.  okay, well, i won’t actually do that.  but. seriously.  

this is my fault totally.  next time, i need to buy 2 packs of the stuff and rebuy when i’m down to one.

it’s nuts how planny plannerson you have to be with these tummy issues.  i think me feeling stressed about it makes it worse.

i really just need it to be the weekend.

time turner, anyone?


this makes me smile! :D


 last night I had this amazing dinner at a friend’s house.  these 2 beautiful people made gluten free pasta for me!  however….it was ckn parm and the ckn was of course battered….  i refused to be an asshole and ate it.  it was delicious. and yummy.  this gluten free navigation is very tricky.  especially when you have dinner with people who care enough to cook you separate pasta!!!

so, about 30m later I had cramps on one side, and swelling on one side of my abdomen.  also, my glands got swollen like they were before.  my tummy is not as swollen as it had become months ago, but it’s not ok.  little distressed but I realize it’s just going to have to get out of my system.  have been drinking tons of water, had peppermint tea with ginger and cinnamon added, etc….

i read something about taking enzymes of some kind to help.  i already take some for milk digestion which work wonders but not sure about ones that help with this. I have some Women’s Rainbow Light vitamins that have digestive enzymes and probiotics, etc in them.  Took one of those about an hour ago.  Will see if that helps?!!

although I don’t have the $$  to get tested for gluten intolerance I am 100 percent sure that whatever the hell is wrong with me that anything with gluten is a big FKING no-no.  just being off it for this many weeks and then seeing what such a small amount of it did to me within a short period of time was pretty scary.

i have had headaches all day.  i had low acid coffee and tons of coconut milk, finally late in the day ate a gluten free blueberry waffle, later had 1/2 a gluten free sammich and was so crabby and hungry i had spanish rice with some homeade corn tortilla chips.  okay.  so this all tasted good, but the corn products aren’t doing me any favors.

im going to chalk the past 2 days up as wonderful days in every other sense and on the digestive side alone, disasters.

ever feel really frustrated with yourself, but too exhausted to care?  just have to stay away from this stuff at all costs, and will have to learn how to communicate better with friends on what I can eat, and that I am sorry and not trying to be a jerkface.  It’s really similar to the vegan dilemma, too, where most of the time you get told to just “bring your own stuff”.  

happy tummy, i will find you!